About 913 Vape Free

913 Vape Free is a website with a mission to provide accurate information and attempt to eliminate or reduce the use of vape and vape products by youth in the 913-area code.

We would like to thank Parents Against Vaping Electronic Devices (PAVe) https://www.parentsagainstvaping.org/ for their efforts in fighting the use of vape in our youth. We thank them and recognize the content that we share from their site.

What We Know

Kansas Youth Risk Behavior Survey says that in 2019, nearly half (48.6%) of Kansas high school students have ever tried e-cigarettes, and 22.0% currently use e-cigarettes.  This site was developed to assist youth and adults in understanding the science and facts around the use of vape and its health implications.

There is no doubt that the use of vape in our youth has been on the rise. Many youths are now questioning the impact vape has had on their health, lives, and that of their peers. Students report strong cravings for their vape and a myriad of side effects related to use, including issues with memory, concentration, learning, self-control, attention, and mood.  Because of this, many young people are now seeking ways to fight the pressure to use these and other tobacco products.

Below is one such state-wide grassroots youth-led effort- RESIST. Have you or youth you know heard of or know about RESIST? Resist works to counteract tobacco influences on Kansas’ youth. Resist is a statewide, youth-led movement that advocates for the de-normalization of tobacco use among youth and unites communities to create one voice against the tobacco industry. Youth not only participate in tobacco control and prevention activities, but they help design the program! Resist efforts lead to youth empowerment, advocacy, and policy change.

Resist works to counteract tobacco influences on Kansas’ youth.

Want to find out more about RESIST? Click below:


If youth you know are interested in joining or starting a local chapter, please check out the website to find out how a new chapter can be formed, or contact:

Bryce Chitanavong
Youth Tabacco Prevention Coordinator & Resist Coordinator
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Bureau of Health Promotion
[email protected]

School City County   Contact Contact e-mail
Teen Task Force - Johnson  NE Jamie Katz [email protected]