A collection of videos on vaping. Some internet content and some created by youth for youth. Here’s the reals/reels on vaping.

Warning: some content may depict the results of exploding vape devices that could be upsetting to the viewer.


Kansas middle school students create original skits to promote kindness.

St Thomas Aquinas JUUL PSA: Back to School Without JUUL

Real teens. Real consequences. Watch how vaping affected Chloe’s life.

There’s an epidemic spreading among teenagers across the nation. It’s vaping.

There’s an epidemic spreading among teenagers across the nation. It’s vaping.

Don't be fooled by Big Tobacco. Vaping is just as harmful as smoking and potentially more addictive. Brought to you by President's Junior Leadership Council at Northern Westchester Hospital. Generously funded by the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation.

JUUL says it's only trying to reach adults, but millions of views, likes and shares tell a different story. After all of progress that truth and other youth smoking prevention campaigns have made on reducing teen smoking, is the rise in popularity of JUUL addicting a new generation?

Since its inception in 2015, Juul Labs has established itself as the leading manufacturer of e-cigarettes with an assessed valuation of $38 billion. But as the company's popularity grew, so did its scrutiny.

Research continues to provide new insight into the reinforcing effects of nicotine, and its ability to promote smoking(or vaping). The 2018 Monitoring the Future survey results reports a dramatic increase in teens using vaping devices. In this video NIDA's Director, Dr. Nora Volkow explores why teens may be attracted to vaping – and what they are vaping.