A collection of videos on vaping. Some internet content and some created by youth for youth. Here’s the reals/reels on vaping.

Warning: some content may depict the results of exploding vape devices that could be upsetting to the viewer.

Tobacco Is Wacco - Official Video

With marketing that seems strategically targeted to teens, the rise of vape pens and e-cigarettes has young people addicted and schools scrambling to curb students’ habits.

Several products are now on the market that make it easy for kids to disguise and hide e-cigarettes as everyday objects such as pens, smartwatches and more. NBC’s Vicky Nguyen puts parents and teachers to the test to see if they can find the hidden vaping devices.

Watch the BuzzFeed video to see California parents and their teens square off as we test their knowledge about teen vaping and nicotine exposure.

Do vape companies specifically target children? How easy is it for a teenager to buy vaping products? Is vaping actually harmful? How can you tell if your child is vaping? How will the Trump ban affect how and where vaping products are sold – and will it actually keep kids from vaping?

Uncovering myths about vaping.

Teens are vaping more than ever. Juul, Suorin, Phix, Bo, and other flavored e-cigarettes hook kids, but addiction is only the start. Nicotine exposure in teens can increase impulsivity, learning difficulties, irritability, anxiety and mood swings. It can also result in physical side effects such as headaches and vomiting. Watch the commercial to learn the effects of nicotine on the teen brain. 


Juul tried to design a solution to a public health problem. It wound up creating another one.

Clark and Jordana find out if quitting the Juul is different than quitting traditional cigarettes.

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