A collection of videos on vaping. Some internet content and some created by youth for youth. Here’s the reals/reels on vaping.

Warning: some content may depict the results of exploding vape devices that could be upsetting to the viewer.

Hello there friends!! I promised an update video for you guys on my quitting-juuling-journey-extravaganza, so here it is!!

The Tobacco Education Youth Leadership Program participants created a series of short videos to educate other youth on the dangers of vaping and other tobacco products. Myth: Vaping contains no nicotine Truth: Vaping always contains nicotine

Real California teens talk about their real experiences with vaping.

There's a new generation of tobacco products that's addicting a new generation of customers, our kids. With a surge of 78% in e-cigarette use in just one year, the Surgeon General has declared a youth e-cigarette use epidemic. Watch this video to learn how to identify Juul, Sourin and Pen Pal, popular e-cigarette and vaping products. 

Vape Explosion Fails 2019